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Welcome to OutBreath!

OutBreath’s mission is to create a welcoming, diverse community of LGBTQ people in the Greater Boston area committed to supporting one another in exploring and sustaining Buddhist practice.  We do this by:

  • Keeping LGBTQ people informed of LGBTQ-friendly Buddhist events of interest to the community
  • Supporting LGBTQ sitting groups
  • Partnering with local Buddhist centers to offer LGBTQ groups and events
  • Organizing LGBTQ “field trips” to Buddhist events
  • Organizing special events and retreats.

We welcome LGBTQ people of every sexual identity, gender identity, religious (and non-religious) background, ethnic or racial heritage, physical ability, nationality, and socioeconomic background. Some OutBreath programs will be open and welcoming to all people; while others will — in the interest of creating safety and healing — be open only to LGBTQ people. The only requirement for participation in any OutBreath program is a sincere interest in learning more about Buddhist teachings and/or meditation. We welcome participants at every level of experience and practice, from:

  • People who have never tried meditation
  • …to master Buddhist practitioners
  • …and everyone in between